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Symptoms of Depressive Disorder

Depressive disorder is another mental problem with the following symptoms:

•   Lack of sufficient/normal sleep
•   Poor Appetite
•   Weight Loss
•   Loss of self worth
•   Feelings of guilt
•   Incapable of enjoying usual activities
•   Fears of calamity
•   Wish to die / attempt to end life

Suggestions for Anxiety Disorder

Below are the techniques using which a person can deal with Depressive Disorder:

•   Express all your problems to a family member, relative or a friend.
•   Avoid being alone
•   Avoid sitting and thinking as it will deepen your depression.
•   Try to be with people; it is ok even if you are not interacting.

NOTE: If you (or a friend/relative) are not sleeping, eating and have a death wish, please consult a psychiatrist immediately and not a psychotherapist or counsellor.

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