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Respected Colleagues,

I am happy to offer my non-pharmacological supportive services to your patients.

collaboration.pngDuring the first appointment, I will make a thorough assessment of the psychopathology of the client and suitability for cognitive behaviour therapy and cognitive rehabilitation. A detailed report will be sent to you on the cognition and behaviour, which can be modified through cognitive therapy, and the number of sessions required, for your approval.

On hearing from you, I will start the therapy and keep you informed periodically; once in every five sessions, on the progress made by the client.

Cognitive behaviour therapy works well as an adjunct to psychopharmacological intervention. If required, a psychiatrist's opinion will be requested, if the referral is from a non-psychiatrist.

Let us join hands to improve the mental health and well-being of our patients.

With my regards,

Dr. Ravi Samuel

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