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Improving Brain Functions
Memory - Calculation - Concentration - Language - Decision making etc

Study Skills
Motivation, Reading Habits, Organising materials, Writing skills, Time Scheduling And Extra-curricular reading.

Emotional Management

Understanding emotions of self and others, Coping with negative emotions and negative experiences, creating positive experiences, Experiencing positive emotional experiences in academic activities.

AppraisalIndividual ExercisesGroup Exercises
Cognitive StrengthsBrain functioningDemonstration of performance inspite of average capabilities
Study BehaviourLearning new strategiesLearning to perform
Academic Emotional ExperiencesSharingGenerating positive experiences for each other

Concept of self

Self Esteem / Self Image / Identifying strengths and shortcomings - developing strategies to compensate / Working on objectives in life: personal-social-educational-vocational - Goal setting, prioritising and sustaining interests.

Emotional Management

Building mutually benefiting relationships - Dealing with negative Emotional experiences.
Frame of Reference 'self' and 'others'.
Coping with problems, overcoming negative emotions, creating positive experiences and Interpersonal skills.

Communication/Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills, do and dont's in communication / Social Skills/ Manners and Etiquette.

Stress/Time Management

Individual / Group exercisesMultimedia presentationsGuest Faculty
Video DemonstrationsFollow up individual counsellingSkills Development
Study BehaviourLearning new strategiesLearning to perform
Management exercisesRestructuring personalityFun exercises

Self-esteemLife StyleBody ImagePhysical Well-beingMental Well-being
Dealing with IllnessesDealing with death of loved onesManaging Relationships/BereavementSafety MeasuresResources for the elderly
Emotional ManagementDealing with Intimate RelationshipsPast vs. Present and FutureSexualitySharing Interests
Values and ethicsCourtesies to be observedIn-lawsFriendships outside marriageCommitments
Identifying children with learning difficultiesIdentifying children with emotional problemsHandling children with problemsMethods of constructive corrective measures
Resources AvailableSeeking Professionals helpOvercoming temperamental personality traitsRelating to children
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